A company’s voice network, and the mission critical applications that are built upon it, is a crucial part of the company's total communications infrastructure. A properly designed, implemented and managed network can be a strategic weapon in the battle to gain a competitive advantage. Whether you want to improve upon your customer contact center, manage costs and recovery, introduce new services and features, or evaluate converged network VoIP solutions, InnoNET can help.

InnoNET can analyze the current state of your voice services, work with you to develop an architecture that supports your business goals, help select the best solutions, and even lead any implementation effort. We offer a suite of products and services to maximize the value of your communications assets.

Consulting and Professional Services
InnoNET consultants will conduct a review and evaluation of your company’s voice environment. Depending upon your specific needs this engagement can include the voice network, equipment, applications, and carrier services. The purpose of this review is to uncover and highlight any aspect of the voice environment that may warrant a more in-depth analysis. Criteria such as cost, availability, effectiveness, or suitability to the business purpose may provide the impetus to further investigation.

This high-level appraisal can encompass any or all of the following communications elements:

Network Assessment
The network review will take into account any trunk or access facilities installed, as well as any virtual network services in place. The purpose is to review the network at a high level with respect to traffic loads, routing, costs, levels of service, and survivability. Our voice network specialists will output a report highlighting any areas where improvements may be achieved – be that a network design, trunk and traffic engineering, or the implementation of new or upgraded services.

Equipment Assessment
An equipment review focuses specifically on the hardware platforms installed in the voice environment and may include PBX and ACD systems, voice processing systems, and other adjuncts. The purpose of this review is to collect and evaluate the equipment software levels and versions, features, capacity, redundancy, and system manageability. It also represents an opportunity to validate maintenance costs versus actual configurations. If initial findings indicate an improvement opportunity, subsequent services may include maintenance billing reviews, upgrade recommendations, capacity re-engineering or other measures to optimize the equipment’s usefulness and purpose.

Applications Assessment
The application review spans across all equipment and services. PBX applications such as routing, ACD, call accounting, and remote access can be among those studied. Voice processing application can include voicemail configuration and implementation, automated attendant design, and voice response applications. Call center technology applications encompass routing, scripting, and reporting. If initial findings indicate an improvement opportunity, subsequent services may include upgrade recommendations, tools recommendations, or other measures to meet current and evolving business requirements.

Services Assessment
Like the application review, voice services can apply to both carrier-based and premises-based services, such as audio conferencing or telecommuting solutions. These applications are measured in terms of their cost-effectiveness, flexibility, capacity, and functionality. This assessment may also include a top-level review of any contracts, commitment levels, and supplier billing. If initial findings indicate an improvement opportunity, subsequent services may include alternate solutions, for example contract negotiation support; upgrade recommendations, capacity engineering or other ways to maximize the value and effectiveness of the service.

Our network professionals will review your current voice network configuration, traffic, services, and overall cost and use those findings to develop a plan to deliver maximum value for your investment. Our comprehensive approach to the analysis and design of networks provides you with the information you need to make the best possible network decisions.

Technology Evaluation
IT managers must invest human and capital resources wisely. Trying to determine exactly which technologies and services best suit the company's needs is a major undertaking. InnoNET shares the burden of understanding exactly what your company's needs to compete, help evaluate potential solutions, and recommend those that best fit your total business environment. We consider the total cost of ownership and how a particular solution fits in your organization's overall telecommunications and business architectures.

Project Management
InnoNET has the staff and the expertise to augment your resources when critical projects need professional attention and direction to succeed. We apply a comprehensive approach to managing any large project, including milestones, schedules, dependencies, risks and cost management. Equally important, we furnish periodic status reports, keeping you appraised of the project progress. We provide web-based collaboration tools to keep all parties informed and involved.

Implementation Services

InnoNET can provide the physical layer infrastructure for your voice, data or converged network implementations. We have the expertise to design, engineer and implement a system – wired or wireless, for all your applications. We deliver high performance networks, including EIA/TIA compliant structured wiring systems, fiber optics, and IEEE 802.11 wireless solutions – all designed and installed by qualified engineers using the industry’s premier products. Our association with such leading manufacturers as Cisco Systems™, Nortel Networks™, and Enterasys Networks™ help us provide the very best end-to-end network solutions.

Converged Networks
If your applications require voice-over-data networking for branch offices, remote workers, or any other application we can help. We can analyze and report on the feasibility, review your infrastructure readiness to support converged network applications, develop the business case and ROI, help select the solution, and manage the implementation. InnoNET has the partnerships and affiliations to make your network work for you.

Enhanced 911 Solutions
Doing the most to protect your employees at a time of an emergency reflects your belief that your employees are indeed your most valuable assets. InnoNET provides an E-911 solution that helps emergency personnel pinpoint the exact location of a 911 caller anywhere in your company – not just the campus or building, but the exact floor, office, or cubical. Precious time is saved when emergency response personnel can quickly locate and attend to the stricken employee. Additionally, your own security or medical personnel can be immediately notified of any 911 call and respond promptly.

Our E-911 system is compatible with virtually all major telephone and PBX systems. And we offer complete design, implementation and ongoing database management services for your E-911 solution.

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