The demands for security around an organizations information has been increasing dramatically over recent years. As e-business becomes more pervasive, the need to protect a company’s e-presence becomes paramount. If the site is unavailable, the store is closed and business is lost. If the site is defaced, so is that company’s reputation. If a famous company’s resources are used as a means of mounting a cyber attack on others, it becomes infamous.

InnoNET can guide an organization through the process of creating, assessing and improving the framework through which they manage their information security.

The foundation of an organizations security framework is the security policies and classification of the organizations information. Once these structures are defined, dissemination of the policies and user education are needed to ensure that the policies are indeed adhered to. InnoNET offers services around these areas providing creation of the security policies and information classification.

Security assessment services can mean different things to different individuals. InnoNET can work with your organization to define the service that you are looking for. This can be assessing the appropriateness of the organizations security policies to assessing the adherence to the instituted policies. Typical services are vulnerability scans and host security audits. These services can be tailored to your needs.

Organizations commonly find themselves lacking the resources necessary to implement the hardware and software components that make up their security infrastructure. InnoNET can provide the resources required to implement firewalls, VPNs, IDS, authentication services and other security related products. We are partners with many of the industries leading suppliers of security tools and work with them to supply the best qualified individuals for the required tasks.

If you are looking to obtain managed security services we can help here. We can help define the services and the guarantees that an organization is looking for and assist in locating the best fit service providers for the specific requirements. Our independence allows us to look at each client’s requirements as individuals rather than attempting to fit that proverbial square peg into the round hole.

Best Practices and Industry Standards
Many industries are required to follow specific standards relating to information security. InnoNET can help an organization understand what information security standards they are required to follow and what the effect of the standard is on their organization.
InnoNET can also assist with ensuring that the organizations policies follow industry best practices and general industry standards such as ISO 17799.

Security in a Wireless Environment
Security standards around wireless networks are a dynamic area at this time. We can help to ensure that the products that you are deploying offer the security that you require to protect your organizations information and systems.

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