As organizations migrate legacy applications to standards based IP protocols and move to converge voice, video and data networks, the network infrastructure must keep pace with the applications demands in order to satisfy business requirements. A commitment to do so explicitly defines the network as a strategic element of the infrastructure. The availability, scalability, security and manageability become the critical measurements.

Measuring the state of the infrastructure, and determining the business and application drives, a comprehensive management approach can be applied. This, in turn, allows for a network operation that consistently meets the business requirements and is easily adapted to changing demands. Without a comprehensive approach an organization may discover it can not meet business requirements, locate the cause of perceived problems, and generally finds itself in a reactionary mode - to the detriment of the organization’s efficiency.

InnoNET can define a progressive process, beginning with validating the goals of the engagement, then assessing and documenting the current infrastructure and requirements - including applications and any associated service level agreements, and culminate with a report of findings and recommendations for process and infrastructure changes.

Should the project scope demand it, InnoNET can also recommend tools to support the collection and processing of network usage statistics for the purpose of infrastructure benchmarking and SLA adherence.

Our goal is to provide a set of network engineering recommendations that will facilitate an optimum network design, balancing cost and performance, to meet the client’s business needs. The assessment will address the lifecycle of the network and create a balance between current reliability and future technology.

The purpose of the assessment is to determine the current network utilization and performance based on existing application demands; and to understand and quantify any potential new application traffic and requirements.

To properly design any network it is necessary to have an understanding of the intended usage. We use this approach to evaluate data profiles and workloads, and provide a model of network activity that falls within acceptable performance limits.

InnoNET can build a model that will yield an understanding of network throughput consistent with available input and output functions. Following this model, we will construct an end node profile based on existing site data, new data projections, communications media and communications protocols.

Quantitative Assessment
Improved quality of service for users.
Identification of network devices and procedures that are functioning at optimum levels.
Identification of areas of network congestion.
Detailed plans to maximize your network throughput, while protecting your existing investment.

Continued Network Support
InnoNET has a specific methodology that is used for all network consulting engagements. This methodology is consistent with industry lifecycle standards and allows for flexibility based on specific customer needs.

Beyond the initial network assessment, InnoNET can work with your organization to provide additional system assessments and advice, and can provide network consultants and engineers as necessary to fulfill ongoing activity.

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