Have you decided to implement a wireless network but need expertise on how to maximize your investment and meet your business goals? Do you have an underperforming wireless network in place now and want to improve its functionality? InnoNET would like the opportunity to discuss wireless technologies with you and how it can improve your business.

Wireless networks have become a critical part of today’s business network infrastructure. This technology allows you to expand capabilities and collaboration of your mobile workforce, and bring applications and hardware to where they are needed most. A wireless solution will also lower your capital costs by reducing the need for hard dedicated wire drops and expensive infrastructure. Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) enable deployment of new technologies developed for wireless that will enhance your business and improve productivity.

InnoNET can perform a wireless site survey that will deliver to you:

A cost effective design that will address your business requirements and your facilities
The proper location of placement and configuration of each wireless access point
Required data rates
Roaming capabilities
Simple management capability
Quality of Service (QoS) that meets you business needs

Standard Methodology
InnoNET follows a standard Methodology for Wireless Site Survey and RF Planning that includes:

1. Determining customer requirements including data throughput needed and number of clients. Determine which type of wireless devices will be used, such as computers, wireless phones, wireless medical devices, RFID, and any others.
2. Review floor blueprints and plans in order to understand the building materials used, layout used and how that will impact RF signals.
3. Determine the boundary of the network.
4. Measure RF attenuation as it exists to understand how that will impact the WLAN RF plan and access point layout.
5. Determine if any neighboring WLAN networks will impact the performance of the planned WLAN network.
6. Use software planning tools to model and prove the RF design.
7. Deliver a network plan that meets your business requirements for WLAN technology.

InnoNET WLAN Survey and Designs Deliver
An InnoNET wireless survey and RF design will enable you to understand your RF environment and confidently deploy a wireless network within your organization. InnoNET consultants have the expertise to design, deploy, monitor and maintain your wireless network. Please contact InnoNET today to discuss your wireless needs.


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