Before a Voice over IP deployment can be cost justified, it’s important to understand if the data network is robust enough to carry high-quality voice transmissions. Organizations often skip this important step in the process and because of it may experience VoIP challenges that can cause poor call quality, delayed deployments as well as dissatisfied clients.

Consider the facts (supplied by Gartner Group)
“85% of today’s router-based data networks are not ready for successful voice deployment.”
“Through 2008, 75 percent of enterprises that do not perform a pre-implementation analysis of their IP network infrastructure will not achieve a successful VoIP implementation.”

InnoNET’s Readiness Service determines the sound quality of Voice over IP on the network and diagnoses any technical issues that could negatively impact call quality and implementation success. It is the fastest and most cost effective way to determine the network’s VoIP readiness. This knowledge provides the foundation required to make sound decisions and ensures the initial deployment will exceed user expectations and reduce cost/risk ratio.

VoIP Assessments Deliver
The Mean Opinion Score (MOS) call quality between all your business sites.
How many concurrent VoIP calls each WAN will support between sites
The amount of network delay, loss and jitter for each WAN and LAN connection and how to eliminate these problems
How to upgrade the network to support quality VoIP
How much it will cost to upgrade the network to support high quality Voice calls
Statistics on router interfaces including CPU and memory utilization during VoIP network loading

To position VoIP successfully, a VoIP readiness assessment is the first milestone. If this critical step is overlooked, the chance of an unsuccessful VoIP deployment increases. Eliminate risk and dissatisfied users by engaging InnoNET to assess readiness.

Standard Methodology
InnoNET uses a methodology that is consistent with industry lifecycle standards and allows for flexibility based on specific customer needs. We utilize a standard process to help us deliver the value our clients are looking for from their technology investments. It saves time and money, and increases overall quality. Using the same methodology ensures consistency and seamless integration that any IT project requires to be successful.

InnoNET has a proven and effective consulting process that starts with a thorough assessment and goes all the way through deployment, while carefully directed with expert project management and strict documentation.

The InnoNET Methodology is:

InnoNET specialists act as strategic partners evaluating your current infrastructure architecture and capabilities for:

Support of current requirements including number of users, locations and applications
Cost Effectiveness

Based on the recommendations of the assessment, InnoNET’s engineering team will design a scalable, custom solution to accommodate your specific technical and business needs and budget.

Proof of Concept and Test
InnoNET builds a proof of concept from the design and develops a test lab at the InnoNET facility or on your premises. The proof of concept is a non-production proving ground for design validation.

The deployment is a two-phased approach that includes:

Pilot Phase - this pilot phase is an actual deployment of the newly designed and tested network to a subset of the entire environment. The pilot phase identifies potential issues that can occur in the live deployment making the launch quicker and smoother.

Full Deployment - once the pilot phase has been completed, the full-scale deployment is executed based on a pre-determined execution plan limiting downtime to end-users.
Throughout every step of the consulting process InnoNET maintains close attention to two main aspects critical to a successful project:

Project Management - the glue that holds the whole system together is our breadth of experience and business knowledge. We provide reports on open issues, communication plans and project plans.

Documentation - InnoNET’s entire team follows strict documentation procedures providing records for each phase of the project. Credentials include design, drawings, procedures, configurations and asset information. Each project delivers full documents upon completion.

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