As IP Telephony, Wireless, Virtualization, Video and other bandwidth-intensive technologies come to the forefront of today’s business model, organizations need an accurate evaluation of their network capabilities before considering these applications or services. Recurring network issues for existing infrastructure also demand expert detection and analysis. A logical solution to expose these potential vulnerabilities is to have their network professionally assessed.

Several goals are accomplished with a network assessment:

It is an objective review of an organization’s data or voice environment in terms of current functionality.
It is a review of network design based upon standards, its current performance and ability to meet the organization’s requirements
It provides a baseline for future implementations.

The first two tasks are achieved through comprehensive surveys of an organization’s business goals and network environment, as well as through specific documentation of its network infrastructure and links.

Testing and analysis of an organization’s current network performance establishes a baseline that may then be measured against future expectations of performance. Identifying a baseline enables a company to adjust and set an appropriate level of expectation for planned technology implementations.

Choosing to implement any new technologies or services without determining prerequisite improvements to the network could have disastrous and costly results.

An InnoNET network assessment will measure, analyze and report on these four key areas:


Standard Methodology

The InnoNET network assessment service follows a consistent, standards-based methodology that has been documented as a practice
for its engineers to follow. Below are the main steps InnoNET engineering and network specialists take to conduct a network assessment:

During the assessment, InnoNET network specialists employ a wide palette of testing techniques to monitor for trends and anomalies in network traffic.

Physical evaluations are key to performing a proper assessment. There is no substitute for an onsite assessment by our qualified network and systems engineers. This not only guarantees proper assessment based on guidelines and best-practices, but also give you the benefit of real world experience in predicting interoperating issues.

Network Assessments Deliver

A review of existing network infrastructure and issues
Analysis based on test results
Recommendations for remediation or implementation

The results and recommendations from the network assessment enable our customers to develop a detailed understanding of their current network capabilities. This information is essential to determine if the network supports both their technical direction and desired timeline for implementation.


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