InnoTRACK - Getting a grip on IT Assets
InnoTRACK is a bundle of services which provide an organized means for clients to track, among other attributes, the location and insured status, of Network and other IT related assets. From experience, we know how challenging it can be to inventory and budget for maintenance contracts on high volumes of equipment within continually evolving enterprise IT environments. Our goal over the years has been to offer customers a persistent means to store and retrieve information about ANY such asset, as well as to provide cost and budgetary information on configurable CLASSES or GROUPS of those assets, e.g. internal buildings, locations/campuses, data closets or chargeback departments.

The attainment of this goal depends on both a) a business process implementation between InnoNET and the client, and b) the representation of the output of that business process within a secure and reliable piece of database software, which allows for convenient viewing and editing of contract data online.

The business process, begins with a customer maintenance management checklist (call us for a copy), outlining the level of detail required, and how the nuances of maintenance management work, in any particular environment. As with any of our customer engagements, we strive from the outset, to establish clear lines of responsibility between the key InnoNET account representative and central points of contact within client organizations. The checklist is a very tangible entity which helps to kick off and sustain this critical relationship.

As for the database repository, InnoNET has traditionally utilized an online database creation tool, by Dataweb, of Seattle WA for online asset viewing and editing capability. Seeking more seamless integration with core accounting/ERP systems, InnoNET is in the process of productizing the data storage portion of this deliverable. To this end a functional specification is in the works for use in either upgrading the product on our current platform, or in soliciting bids for a custom developed package.

Key improvements to the system include: 1) more direct mass data input/output via spreadsheet upload/download capable of interpreting and modifying existing data, as opposed to complete erase and rebuilding of data 2) Formalizing the entire ‘maintenance’ business at InnoNET for all contracts currently under management, to provide better alerting in advance of each contract’s renewal 3) Improved look and feel and ease of use.

As we work to use our experience in this area to continually improve our capabilities, please let us know of suggestions or feature sets you might find useful in maintenance contract management within your organization or industry.

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